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Marquee Set-up instructions

QMAT Marquees - Erecting


Select a smooth, even area of ground on which to set up the QMAT Marquee.  We recommend that the marquee is not installed on sloped areas or inclines.


Pull the folded metal frame of out of the storage bag and place the feet on the ground. Grasp the outer two legs on one side and have another person grasp the outer two legs on the opposite side.

Walk backward approximately until the frame is fully extended and you feel resistance.  DO NOT FORCE!


Position the canvas canopy over the top of the metal frame and attach Velcro straps.


Place your hand at the bottom centre of one side of the metal frame where it dips into a "V" shape. Have another person do the same on the opposite side of the frame. Lift up slightly while walking backward until the frame is fully extended.  Keep your hands away from the hinges.


Grasp the slider lock pin ring on one of the corner legs and lift it up until you hear it click into place. Repeat the process on the other three corner locks.


Walk under the canopy and ensure all velcro straps have been secured.  Peg down (and guy rope down where necessary) marquee.


QMAT Marquees – Dismantling


Reverse erection procedures.