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Durarig Tarps

Durarig tarps are the original (and still the best) D-Ring tarp. At QMAT, we offer the full range of products, from the 6' x 8' up to the 36' x 36'. For a better look at the full range of products, click here.

The ultra-heavy duty tarps from Durarig provide the ultimate protection against Australia's severe weather; rain or sunshine. With a strong silver coated 14x14 1000 Denier high-density polyethylene, the tarps maintain maximum waterproofing and strength.

Quality & Durability

The quality and durability of Durarig tarps can be attribute to it's UV stabilising componds and stronger fabrics. Evidently, the Durarig fabrics are even stronger after 18 months in the sun, in comparison to when it is new. Durarig offers the ultimate tarp solution, providing stronger, longer lasting protection.

The Durarig tarps offer a better blackout effect than any of it's competitors. Laboratory testing by a NATA accredited laboratory has proven Durarig tarps to be 18% to 40% stronger than any of it's inferior copies. DURARIG can be purchased with the complete confidence that you are buying the best there is.

Durarig Tarp Features

  • Patented technology optimising UV resistance
  • Internal silver surface (effective to reflect heat)
  • Multi-layer patch attachment points (super strong cross stitch)
  • UV-stable polypropylene webbing (maximum strength)
  • Locked-in D-Rings by a bar-tack stitch
  • Reinforced tarp perimiter with rope welded in double-layer of fabric
  • Stainless steel welded D-Rings on all corners (approximately event 90cm)